Features | 3/8/2010 2:45:02 PM | Mark Steenhuis

Each week, Buffalo Bandits veteran Mark Steenhuis will select 20 fan-submitted queries and answer them on bandits.com. Whether it's about lacrosse, the life of a professional athlete or anything outside of the game, Steenhuis will tell you what you want to know.

Check out this week’s edition of 20 Questions with Mark Steenhuis:

1. How did you get so good?
2. How many goals again?
3. Do you know how many fans you have!? Jackson K – Middleport, NY

“I played and played.  I put a lot of time into practicing and working out and no I do not know how many fans I have but I'm very thankful to those who are. Thanks.”

You are an exciting player and I love to watch you play, but my question has to do with your defense. Steve Priolo is a big kid and as a rookie he seems to stand out. How do you feel he has added to your team chemistry and do you think he will be a regular for the Bandits? He is a good kid and I say that not only because he is my Godson but because I think he adds a sense of fear to opposing teams. I know I don’t want to make him mad! John M – St. Catharines, ONT

“Your right he is a good kid.  I think he will be a regular for the Bandits if he is not already. Where you have a player with his size, strength, and work ethic only good things are going to happen. It's a great asset to our team to have a player like Steve who is a tough guy but is a valuable defenseman as well. He's going to get better and better and were all excited to see the outcome. Go Steve Go!”

We seem to always be on the losing side of faceoffs. How important is it? Jeff – Cheektowaga, NY

“I think it's important for the fact that the more faceoffs you win the more possessions you get. Those possessions could lead to scoring opportunities or at least keeping the ball away for the other team.”

What was the most memorable game of your career? Kayla – Elma, NY

“I would have to say winning the championship in Buffalo was my most memorable game.”

I know that Billy Dee is your brother in law, but who married whose sister? Mark C – Lackawanna, NY

“I'm with his sister. Shhhh don't tell him.”

If you could compete in any Olympic event what would it be? Jenna F – Orchard Park, NY

“I think it would be either hockey of snowboarding.”

Do you feel that one of the reasons that the Bandits are not doing good this season is because John Tavares has been out? Bradley C – Lockport, NY

“I think that's a big reason.  John does so many amazing things on the floor for us.  When he's not out there you know.”

I went to the game where you played the Stealth… everyone was screaming a whole lot of crap about you and I was wondering if that gets to you? How do you deal with that? Jacob H – Issaquah, WA

“I try not to pay attention to it. The more you think about it the more they win. Worry about your game and not about what somebody who is not playing is saying. Keep the hitting on the field… you get in less trouble that way.”

What is your favorite winter Olympic event? Jenna F – Orchard Park, NY

“I like most of them, if I had to pick it would be between half pipe and moguls.”

What's your favorite song to listen to before a game? Desiree – Buffalo, NY

“My favorite song would be something from Rancid. I like something upbeat to get me ready for the game.”

I watched the Reebok video with you, Dan Dawson, and Brodie Merril talking about the most hated players and such. My question is who is the craziest trainer and/or equipment manager you have worked with since you started playing lacrosse? Jillian – Marks, ONT

“I would have to say that award would go to my equipment manager in Buffalo.  It's not a bad thing.  Love you Johnny.”

How do you get pumped up for the game/what do you listen to, to get you pumped? Jessica C – Batavia, NY

“I usually listen to music and try to visualize want I want to do in the game.  I usually listen to punk music before the game.”

Why are you such a ball hog? Buck S – Owen Sound, ONT

I'm such a ball hog because I love that ball so much.  That little ball completes me.  I also do it because I know that someone in Owen Sound loves it.

How big is your hair? Andrew O – West Falls, NY

“It all depends if it pick out or not.  If I pull it down it goes to my chin.”

What kind of music do you like to listen to? Do you have a favorite band? Jenna F – Orchard Park, NY

“I listen to all kinds of music. Some bands I like are, A Tribe Called Quest, Rancid, Beastie Boys, Kinks, Dylan, Ben Harper, Face To Face, Bob Marley, and People Under The Stairs.”

What is your favorite memory? Ashley T – Buffalo, NY

“My favorite memory is the birth of my kids.”

What is or was your best skateboard trick? Donjoh - Cattaraugus Indian Reservation

"My favorite trick was the 360 flip. I used to be able to pop that pretty high."

What was your motivation to start playing lax? Its my favorite sport to watch and your my favorite player! Dora L – Tonawanda, NY

“I changed schools and my new school had a team. A friend asked me to try out. I thank him every time I see him. Thanks!”

How do you feel about Johnny Grant wearing purple shoes for his team? Matt O – Grand Island, NY

“I think it's good. When you look at other sports there are a lot of guys sporting their team's colors on their shoes. He should just pick some nicer kicks.”

Does it get u guys amped to hear Buffalo cheer ‘who’s HUIS?’ and ‘what’s he got? NOTHING! Penney – Buffalo, NY

“Big time. When you’re down on the floor playing and you hear those chants it gives you goose bumps.”

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