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Each week, Buffalo Bandits veteran Mark Steenhuis will select 20 fan-submitted queries and answer them on bandits.com. Whether it's about lacrosse, the life of a professional athlete or anything outside of the game, Steenhuis will tell you what you want to know.

Check out this week’s edition of 20 Questions with Mark Steenhuis:

What is your favorite food to eat? Pepsi or Coca-Cola? Jenna F – Orchard Park NY

“My favorite food is pasta or a good burger and fries. Pepsi.”

What’s it like to play a championship game with all of the pressure and knowing that if you lose you’ll have to wait a whole year [to get back]? Nathan M – New York, NY

“There's nothing like it. That is want we play for, moments like that. It does suck if you lose and I do think about it the whole year. I use it as motivation.”

Why did u give up skateboarding, something that you loved for a sport brand new to you? Evan M – Ottawa, ONT

“At the time I started lacrosse I was still skateboarding and playing basketball more than I was playing lacrosse. The more I played lacrosse the more I started to like it and the more I concentrated on it. I still have my boards and I still rip tricks off.”

How long have you been a Bandit? Haliegh, Lockport- NY

“This is my eighth season.”

Where did you get your orange cleats? Dillon L – North Tonawanda, NY

“I get them from Reebok.”

How’d you like it on The Rez? Hank – Akwesasne, NY

“Nothing better. It will be missed this year.”

Being a huge fan of not only lacrosse but yourself, the adrenaline and the energy of the game made me fall in love. So I was wondering what made you fall in love with the game? Alanna – Kenmore, NY

“I always loved playing sports.  I think I've tried pretty much every sport and enjoy most.  I fell in love with lacrosse because I like the pace and the excitement of the game, also I enjoy the control you can have playing.”

Are you going to be like Troy Polamalu and eventually do commercials for Head & Shoulders? Tiffany – Mississaugua, ONT

“I don't know but one thing is for sure… I will not be growing my hair that long.”

What brand of shampoo and conditioner do you use? Anonymous – Buffalo, NY

“What ever is in the shower. I’m not too picky... something herbal if possible.”

Boxers or briefs? The Girls from Zeta Beta Zeta – Buffalo, NY


Hey my middle name is Mark... What’s yours? Steve – Buffalo, NY

“I like your middle name… it reminds me of something. Mine is Hendrik, I'm named after my grandfather.”

Do you have any family pets? If so, what kind and what are their names? Hunter – Akron, NY

“We have two pets. One is a breaded dragon named Chopper and the other is a dog named Koco Nutty.”

If you had to play for one team outside of the NLL what would it be and why? Matt – Amherst, NY

“I would have to say Manchester United. Not for anything to do with soccer, which I’ve never really played, but for the atmosphere. I think we do a pretty good job of matching the intensity level here in Buffalo, but I’m not sure there are any other fans in other sports that get into it quite as much. I guess it would be neat to step on that field and see what that’s like.”

What was the last movie that you saw in theaters? Sammy – North Tonawanda, NY

“The last movie I saw in theaters was Where The Wild Things Are. Have you seen any good movies lately?”

Mark I have heard that you guys have another job besides being a professional lacrosse player. If you have another job what is it? Bradley C – Lockport, NY

“I have a little landscaping business that I do.”

What do you like to do during your spare time? Felicity – Pendleton, NY

“I try to hang out with my family as much as I can. I hang out with my buddies and catch up, play a lot of sports. I like to try a bunch of new hobbies that I wouldn't normally try and also keep my skills up with lacrosse.”

Hi Mark. You are a great lax player.  How many kids do you and your wife Vanessa have and how old are they? Anthony – Cheektowaga, NY

“We have four kids. They are nine, five, three, and 10 months.  Thanks for the nice remark!”

Does your son or daughter play lacrosse yet ? Do they want to play lacrosse? Jacob – Lemke, NY

“Yes they do. Thank you.”

Okay, I have asked this once before, and now again! What would it take for you to go to St. Joe's "Marauders" Lacrosse Team and give them a bit of inspiration about Lacrosse?!  It's not about me, just the Love of the sport, AND their Team Spirit! Cathy S – Tonawanda, NY
“You know I said I would go anytime, so give me a date and I will be there. It's long over due.”

Which team do you like to play against the most and why? Lex B – Lockport, NY

“I would have to say any team that we have a good rivalry against; the Rochester, Toronto, even now we have Orlando. Any team that we’ve had big games against in the past really brings out the competition in everyone.”

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