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Stephanie (Photo: Bill Wippert)

The final Girl of the Week of the 2011 season, Stephanie, is a member of the Bandettes in Buffalo. Stephanie recently weighed in with about her cheerleading experience, her thoughts on the Bandits' playoff chances and much more.

Check out the entire interview below, and be sure to check out her profile here. Congratulations on winning the Girl of the Week voting! Are you currently residing in Buffalo?
Stephanie: I was born in Buffalo (Getzville) and am currently living here. I loved growing up in Buffalo and have made great memories and friendships in this city. What does your schooling background consist of?
Stephanie: I am currently an accounting major at the University at Buffalo and will be graduating in May. I will also be beginning a master's program at UB for accounting in the Fall. What does your dancing background consist of and how did you get started?
Stephanie: I started dancing around four years old. I continued dancing and cheerleading throughout middle and high school as well as in college before I tried out for the Bandettes. I have to thank my mom and sister for getting me started in both dance and cheerleading. If it was not for them, I might have never even tried it! What else do you do for a living while not dancing for the Bandettes?
Stephanie: I am currently a full time student at the University at Buffalo and working part time as either a server or lifeguard in the summer. How would you describe yourself?
Stephanie: I would describe myself as a very happy and fun person! How about your friends?
Stephanie: My friends would describe me as easy-going and I would like to think I do my best to put them in a better mood whenever I can! What do you consider your strongest characteristic to be?
Stephanie: My biggest strength is genuinely caring about other people. I am constantly thinking about my friends and family and want what is best for them! Very nice. So, what would your biggest weakness be?
Stephanie: My biggest weakness is caring too much about what others think. Biggest pet peeve?
Stephanie: My biggest pet peeve is when people take their anger or bad mood out on others. Favorite movie?
Stephanie: My favorite movie is Cinderella or Hitch. Disney movies always make people happy, that is why I love them so much! Favorite artist? Song?
Stephanie: My favorite artist is Taylor Swift and favorite band is Rascal Flatts. My favorite song is "Fearless" by Taylor Swift. The lyrics in this song are incredible. Did you/do you play sports?
Stephanie: If cheerleading counts as a sport, I was a cheerleader in high school! Who is your favorite team (outside than the Bandits, of course)?
Stephanie: My favorite sports team other than the Bandits is the Buffalo Sabres, of course! What is your favorite part of cheering on the Bandits?
Stephanie: Bandits games are extremely intense and I love the high energy atmosphere! Who is your favorite Bandits player?
Stephanie: Johnny Tavares. He is an extremely talented player and seems very genuine. If you had to tell someone the best part of the NLL, what would it be?
Stephanie: The best part of the NLL is the unique fans! It is easy to get into the games when there is such a great fan base around you. Preference: Fights or goals?
Stephanie: Definitely goals! There is nothing better than the excitement of the fans when the Bandits score! What do you think of the Bandits' upcoming playoff chances?
Stephanie: I think the Bandits are going to win the championship! Were you there for the Rich Kilgour jersey retirement? That had to be a great moment to be a part of, if so.
Stephanie: It definitely was! Rich Kilgour has been a big part of this team and his sincerity and genuineness was very touching. If you could say one thing to the fans in Buffalo, what would it be?
Stephanie: The Bandits have the best fans in Buffalo! They are awesome, energetic and extremely unique, I love it! Anything you want to add about the Bandits' organization?
Stephanie: I am truly blessed to be a part of such a great organization! There is not another team I would rather be a part of. As always, we'll end this with some finish the sentence. The Bandettes are...
Stephanie: ...A team of extremely talented, beautiful and amazing girls. I am extremely lucky to be a part of this team and I cherish every relationship I have made being on it. They are the best, and I do not know what I would do without them! HSBC Arena is...
Stephanie: ...The heart and pride of Buffalo! If I were a lacrosse player, I would be...
Stephanie: ...One that is talented and has a passion for the game of lacrosse. My perfect day is...
Stephanie: ...Being on the beach with my friends and family. I love everything about summer and there is nothing more perfect than spending time with the people I love! My role model is...
Stephanie: ...My mom and dad. My mom is an extremely hardworking, dedicated and unselfish person. She is constantly looking out for her friends and family and I really admire that. My dad is one of the happiest people I know. He can always make me laugh and has a personality that everyone loves. One day, I hope to be...
Stephanie: ...Successful in my career and extremely happy. I also want to have a big family and travel as much as I can! You may be surprised to know that I...
Stephanie: ...Still love to draw with chalk on my driveway!

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