Buffalo Bandits (NLL)


5/31/2017 12:02:00 PM / Steve Priolo

As many of you know, in the summertime there is another lacrosse league in Canada that many NLL players participate in to keep our playing skills sharp for the upcoming season. This summer, I am playing out in Victoria, British Columbia for the Shamrocks, and instead of the conventional apartment rental, this season I have decided to spend my days living in my van. I’ll be keeping you updated on what this experience is like throughout the summer here on Bandits.com. 

Ten days before I was to leave, I was still searching for the perfect vehicle. I found exactly what I was looking for in a used police transport van. It has a 6.6 Duramax Diesel engine and was completely gutted on the inside. 


After getting all of the paperwork in order, I had about 7 days to turn it into a home. First, I cleaned it. Then I cut a hole in the roof for ventilation and by using Styrofoam and reflective bubble wrap for insulation, I was sure I was going to be warm at night. 

Then I used paneling to protect it. Quickly moving along, I used click flooring. Then on to the bed frame. I needed to have enough room underneath for storage, while accounting for the head room. I mounted 2x4s to the sides and a piece of plywood up the middle for support. I used sheets of plywood for the top and the bed was done. 

With the curtains up, a Pelican 70-quart cooler in place, and everything decorated, it was almost complete. Using 600-grit sandpaper and acrylic paint, my fiancé and I just started painting. This was to not only get away from the creepy pure white/no windows paint job, but also so we could express our personality (trees, aliens, and the Northern Lights, of course), turn it from a van to a home, and make sure we could find it in any parking lot. 

With a coat of clear enamel, a roof rack with paddle board, and two “Guardians of the Galaxy” figurines screwed to the dash, I packed up my lacrosse bag and filled my storage containers with everything I’d need. I was ready to head across Canada!

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1/26/2019 8:00 PM / Rochester, NY
Buffalo Bandits vs. Rochester Knighthawks