Buffalo Bandits (NLL)


Lacrosse is North America's oldest sport with origins dating before the 1400's. Originated by the North American Indians, it was recognized as a sport by a Jesuit missionary who saw a Huron tribe involved in a contest.

In its earliest form, lacrosse was used as a sacred contest to condition braves for combat or to settle tribal disputes. Contests included teams of 100 to 1000 braves and goals placed from 100 yards to several miles apart.

The modern day era would come to recognize different types of lacrosse: field (outdoor), box (indoor), and the MILL game.

US Lacrosse estimates that 300,000 people -- including 150,000 youths -- are currently playing lacrosse in the United States. More and more states are sanctioning the sport at the high school level (California and Georgia in the past year) and the number of college teams has grown more than 60 percent over the last decade.

5/25/2019 9:00 PM / Calgary, AB
Buffalo Bandits vs. Calgary Roughnecks